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New Website!

Welcome to the new site! I am so excited that it’s finally here! Thank you for stopping by to check it out. The amazing Katie from KM Creative and I have been working on creating a new place for my photography for several months, and it’s so cool to finally have it out there for everyone to see. I started making my own website almost 3 years ago. I found a template and a hosting site and everyone said “it’s so easy!” and I thought I’d try my hand at it. At first, I loved it, but it was so

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Katelyn (& Missy)

At the end of her junior year, Katelyn asked me if I would take her senior portraits. I told her I’d be delighted, and she said, “there’s something you should know.” I looked at her with a confused look and she said, “I want my horse in the photos.” To be honest, I couldn’t have been more excited. I love horses, and after we talked about it, I had a pretty clear vision of how I would showcase Katelyn and her beloved horse. She has been riding for 12 years, and she’s had Missy for 6 years. She has been

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