New Website!

Welcome to the new site! I am so excited that it’s finally here! Thank you for stopping by to check it out. The amazing Katie from KM Creative and I have been working on creating a new place for my photography for several months, and it’s so cool to finally have it out there for everyone to see.

I started making my own website almost 3 years ago. I found a template and a hosting site and everyone said “it’s so easy!” and I thought I’d try my hand at it. At first, I loved it, but it was so much work to update it, my web design skills were very limited, and working full time and being a mom to two growing boys meant I was still shooting portraits but not finding time to put them on the site. My work was growing and changing, but the site wasn’t because I didn’t know how to showcase it. I tried just having an Instagram, but it wasn’t getting the reach I wanted, and even though a lot of students have an IG, a lot of parents don’t – they want to see a website – and you can put so much more information there!

My sweet friend Katie and I were at a journalism workshop, just chatting, and I showed her my IG and mentioned that my site needed a reboot. I had always thought her yearbook adviser site was so awesome, and I knew she could give me the push I needed to finally do it. Well, once that ball got rolling, it didn’t stop. Katie took my vision – one that had only lived in my imagination for so long – and made it real. From the moment she sent me a mockup of the site, I knew it was going to be amazing. Katie believed in me, my work, and she worked tirelessly to make sure it was captured. She’s been such a dream and I can’t thank her enough.

So, without further ado, check it out! I particularly love the Portfolio section because all of my beautiful girls and guys are featured there, but also the incredibly functional contact page and this exciting blog space. I have always been a writer, so getting to share my two passions in one spot is so exciting!

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